Horoscopes: Real or Imagined Meaning?

By: jackiereedy

Apr 20 2009


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So the other night I was chatting with my friend about horoscopes, and I thought she brought up a very good point. Now, while this might not be the most amazing epiphany in the world, I at the time thought it was brilliant. She said that the reason horoscopes seem so applicable to us all the time is because they are SO general. A horoscope might say, “You will be faced with an obstacle this month, but no worries, honey! You will overcome it.” Well, that obstacle for me might be running out of soap (which definitely did happen last night haha) while for you it could be running out of money.

So of course I had to test out my friend’s theory to decide once and for all if the horoscope writers out there have been pulling one over on me all these years… As of last night, my Google Horoscope read:

The Sun’s return to your sign is an energy booster and can restore your confidence in your ability to get things done. But as your determination increases, you also realize the inadequacy of your current strategy. It’s odd to know you’ll succeed while also being aware of your limitations. Fortunately, familiarity with your shortcomings can be turned into an asset, for success can be assured by concentrating primarily on your strengths.

My Immediate Thoughts:

How did the Google Sun God know? Yes, I do have more confidence: I am going to be super diligent this week. I will go to my interview and study for my Health and Wellness exam, and I will work out every day, and I will really, REALLY focus on doing better at my LSAT Kaplan homework . I will figure out my inadequacies and the questions I normally get wrong so that when I take the actual LSAT, I will know to choose different answers! Thank you Google Sun God! Success is around the corner!

I don’t know, friend. I still think those planets and horoscope writers know what they are talking about…


One comment on “Horoscopes: Real or Imagined Meaning?”

  1. I love being the mysterious “friend!” Before I respond, I decided that I would let you know that I believe your new blog is my new obsession.

    Though I do see a connection between the horoscope and your potential goals for the week, I still feel as if I, a Gemini, could relate this to my life: I have been studying for my test and realized that I studied the material all wrong (inadequacies in my strategy). However, if I focus on my strengths–aka relearning it the way I know works every time, I can be energized and get a good grade on my test. Does this mean success is around the corner for me as well? Well, cross your fingers.

    That being said, I talk big about these horoscopes being too general to really matter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read them every sometimes. Everyone’s got to have a little pick me up and a bit of magic every once in a while–horoscopes can be just that, whether they’re supposed to only apply to the people born during a certain time of year or not.

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