Preparin’ for that big important interview?

By: jackiereedy

Apr 21 2009


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So its 11:30pm the night before your big interview… and yes, you waited until now to actually start preparing. So it’s time to cram!

  1. First, try on that Ann Taylor suit your mom bought you last Christmas… make sure you get rid of those white strings that keep skirt pleats and pockets sewn shut… don’t want to look silly now!
  2. Pull out matching heels– not your downtown slutzy heels. You need the shiny medium height ones.
  3. Realize you need those grandma-skin-colored pantyhose for under your suit skirt… freak out because you don’t own any.
  4. Print out your resume on the fancy nice paper your dad told you to use.
  5. Call your accounting major friend (because she always seems to be doing important stuff) and ask if she has any grandma-skin-colored pantyhose.
  6. Google “Common Interview Questions,” and start talking to yourself… it is all about practice!
  • What is your biggest strength? –Talking… I can talk, talk, talk. Give me a mute, and I’ll carry a conversation for hours.
  • What is your biggest weakness? –I just can’t seem to say no to designer jeans… Is Encore having a sale yet?
  • Why do you want to work for us? –Ya know, build up my resume… make it look like college has been more than sorority functions and meeting cute boys?
  • Why should we hire you? -I’d say my charm and good taste… You need a good representative–these days it is all about image!
  • Do you have any questions for us? –When can I start decorating my new office/cubicle/ chair in the corner?!

Now go pick up those pantyhose from your accounting friend… go home… say a prayer, and go to bed! BIG DAY TOMORROW!



2 comments on “Preparin’ for that big important interview?”

  1. I’m so glad to be blog friends with you, Jackie! Haha. I quite enjoyed the bit about the grandma pantyhose. : P

    I created an ‘About’ page because you made me feel inferior with your clever one. So I tried to one-up you…

  2. I would note that readers should take this particular post of Jackie’s quite seriously because that big important interview she’s talking about–yeah, she got the job. Hooray Jackie!!

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