Turning the Big 2-1

By: jackiereedy

May 01 2009

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Turning 21 years old… I mean, I am not really sure there are words to describe what an amazing? fantastic? unbelievable? fabulous? terrific? wonderful? tremendously, absolutely, ridiculous AMAZINGLY good time I had last night. It is not that I can say my birthday was everything I hoped it to be… because my birthday seriously surpassed ANYTHING (and I mean anything) I ever, in my 21 years of anticipation, EVER dreamed it could be. It was perfect.

I was looking forward to my birthday. I think it is safe to say that, maybe? I mean, I do not really know anyone who starts counting down to the big day on Facebook two weeks in advance… or who invites people to come to their birthday celebration (without even knowing what that celebration will be) three months–well, who am I kidding? 6-8 months/2-3 years– in advance? I love birthdays. I love being the college girl who still likes to get friends “a lil somethin, somethin” on their birthdays. No question about it: in my book birthdays are holidays, and they are meant to be treated as such. Having said that, I was prepared to take my birthday celebrating very seriously! Lucky for me, so were my friends.

So last night as I was getting ready (super, unbelievably early, giving myself plenty of birthday time to hot roll my hair like three times? And fix my make-up a few dozen times, maybe?), it kind-of just hit me that it was actually my birthday, my turn to turn 21 years old. And of course, being me, my first fleeting thought was “Oh no! What if it is a letdown? What is tomorrow going to be like when it’s all over?” But then I gave myself the mini-reprimand my mom would have given me and said, “No, no! Tonight is all in the world I am going to think about—tonight I turn 21!”

So a good two hours later (yes, I told you I gave myself a lot of time to put on that birthday dress and rainbow flip flops), my dear Betsy stormed my room with a crown and jeweled wand in hand. (This of course made me laugh because for all my months and years of anticipating and inviting friends to the “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER,” I never once actually envisioned what my birthday was going to be like. Throughout the night I continued to be completely surprised by all the fun and hilarious goodies I was given! Who knew the birthday girl gets a crown?! And in my special case, a fun magic wand as well?!)

So then Betsy gave me the most amazing birthday present ever—a purple flowery journal with an amazing surprise inside:

“Jackie! It’s your 21st birthday and what better time to show you how much everyone truly does love you? So, everyone thought of his or her favorite memory with you over the years and wrote about it in this book! Hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoy every moment with you! Love, Betsy.”

Flipping through the pages, I honestly started to tear up as I read notes from the people who have literally made my college experience, who have meant the absolute world to me these past few years. From my absolute best high school friends, to my sorority girls (haha—I refuse to call them “sisters!”), to my study abroad romance, to my childhood best friend, to my awesome church group friends, to my favorite guys in the whole world, the notes were really more than I could handle at the moment. Beginning to ruin that makeup I had worked so hard to make perfect, I had to leave journal reading for a more appropriate time to be emotional… I was just so touched and so excited by all the names I read… I hadn’t even stepped out of my room yet, and I told Betsy I seriously was already having the absolute best birthday ever.

Dinner at the highly recommended Speakeasy was wonderful. I had never been there, but my dear Lisa had already prepared a list of suggested tapas for me, so I had nothing to worry over! The white pizza was to die for and oh, the calamari! Hmmmm… it was so good! I had my first glass of the sweet tasting Avery Lane white wine. Betsy acted as my amazing photographer for the night, providing for so many laughs this morning. Again, it meant the world to me to have my church and sorority friends come to dinner—it was seriously a merging of my two worlds! Lisa gave me my next round of goodies, with a “Hottie whistle” and “Give me a Birthday Kiss” pin. A bride-to-be bought me a glass of wine after winning a bet with her friends that I was celebrating my 21st birthday (and not having a bachlorette party. Haha—so glad it wasn’t the latter)!




By 10:30pm, Betsy, Marilin and I were finally back in the Betsy white bug headed to Lisa’s house for an unbelievable birthday party. My favorite holiday punch (so obviously appropriate being a birthday/ holiday!)… a keg… jello shots (even though I secretly passed those off to my friends, thanks guys haha)… my favorite strawberry shortcake… so many amazing people… I was overwhelmed at how exciting everything was! My dear high school basketball friends, Bridget and Emily, made it out also, which seriously was such a treat. I could not get over the hilariousness of it all—I was presented with my final round of goodies from Lisa with my very own “21 Jackie Things To-Do List!” I always have been a fan of those to-do lists– they just know me so well!



I had quite a lot to accomplish!

Lisa definitely caught me in her bathroom scarfing down my second helping of strawberry shortcake, which was hilarious. I had a very funny time pinning a certain something on a certain provocative poster. I got to blow out the candles on an amazingly beautiful birthday cake with my very name written on it… At midnight, the wonderful Chris helped me pop a bottle of champagne! So fun all around!


First stop downtown (after a hilarious parking situation trying to get the Betsy white bug in a very awkward parking spot) was Sand Bar. Some amazing friends helped me out with my To-Do list. Thoroughly enjoyed getting all those guys’ numbers! And the So-Co and Lime shot was much appreciated! Lisa and everyone found and met up with me, which made me so happy. And yes, I even got to see the amazing Tram! Oh and cannot forget writing “Hi! ❤ Jackie, May 1st” on the bathroom wall… seriously?! I had no hesitations on what to write… so decisive!


Next stop was Allgood—wow, reminds me so much of a New Zealand bar! (Oh and on the way there, I got to have a very funny phone convo with a very funny NZ friend). Again, worked diligently to make progress on that To-Do list! A bartender helped me out with another shot… why I was confused on that one, I’m really not sure. (Haha—the name pretty much gave away the instructions, but I was just not on my game, I guess)! More numbers were taken down, and oh yes, at the door Betsy took a picture of me with the bouncer with the amazing May 1st ID!



With only 30 minutes left of the night, I had to get to business on the List. Off to Boarshead we went. I got my awesome piggy back ride, and yes, elevated surface was taken care of in the downstairs bar, and I got to have my very favorite Sex on the Beach drink… well, two actually! Haha! The guys were pretty stingy when it came to giving me a condom (and by the way, never keep those in your wallet! Did Health and Wellness never teach you anything?!) Dancing and being crazzzzzzy (HAHA), seeing my FAVORITE guys ever… it was a wonderful way to end my night.

A picture with a bulldog was taken on the walk to the car, and oh yes… Betsy and Lisa took me to Kroger and bought me a whole box of Honey Bunches of Oats Cinnamon. Hmmmm… so good! And then to really make it the best night ever at 3 a.m., the three of us went to Pike to finish the best “21 Jackie Things To-Do List” ever!!!

A wonderful, wonderful, wonderful night. Lisa and Betsy, I’m throwing this out there: BEST NIGHT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE SO FAR! I am so unbelievably blessed and thankful for everything that you did for me last night. Lisa, the party was just perfect. And Betsy, you just all around kept everything in line and flowing smoothly… Really, BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE, and you both made it happen for me!


Betsy, Me, Lisa


4 comments on “Turning the Big 2-1”

  1. Jack Attack! You’re the best, and I loveddddd reading this!!! Here I am, sitting in the bland, boring library, with a HUGE smile on my face and giggling every once in a while! YAYAYAYAYAY for the best night ever–you deserve nothing less, and I’m SO unbelievably glad your beloved 21st birthday (that you truly did start planning YEARS ago…”I saw it” as Chris would say) turned out better than you expected!!! It made all of us so happy just to see you happy!!

    Love you!

  2. Jackie! I’m SOOO happy for you! It sounds like the rest of your night was INCREDIBLE and that’s AWESOME! Birthdays are very special in my book too, and so are details like these in a journal, so I can totally see more imprints of how meant to be our friendship truly is! Thank you so much for inviting the GOD DAWGS to dinner… we were thrilled to celebrate with you! Lets get together soon!


  3. Hi, I am planning a 21st birthday bash for our niece. I love the idea of the “21 things to do”. I saw the picture above, however, I cannot read any of it. Would it be possible for you to send me the list. Thanks so much and belated Happy 21st Birthday.


    • Thanks for the belated birthday wishes! And yes, I put the low resolution picture up due to the few inappropriate list items :-). But I would be happy to e-mail you a picture that you will actually be able to read!

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