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May 03 2009

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Hello everyone. Yes, it is that time when we are all studying for finals. Yes, I do not really have time to be writing a blog post–and you certainly do not have time to be reading a blog post– but hey, you make time for the things you want to do, right?

I am sorry to disappoint, but there just really is not anything too excitingly witty on my mind at the moment. Having been bogged down these past two days attempting to make up 900 pages of history reading (oh how I wish that number was an exaggeration), my mind seems somewhat blank in reference to other people and real world events.

I guess all I can offer is a half-hearted pep talk:

Finals are really just a good measure of the knowledge you have obtained over the course of the semester. They may be annoying to study for, but nothing can be more satisfying than knowing you studied your heart out and will be rewarded for doing your best…

Not really buying it are you? Well, me either… Maybe I can just cheat and look up a pep talk on Google to give you… hmmm… nope, everything I’m looking at seems like a lot of crap. Take Washington State’s College’s Self Help tips for dealing with finals panic:

Change Your Thinking

Rational Self-Talk. Remind yourself that an exam is a professor’s measure of your knowledge or skill in a course and not a reflection of who you are as a whole person. Don’t fret about what friends or family think. And, forget about comparing yourself with classmates; do the best you can.

I agree with the “do the best you can,” but honestly, who still cares what their parents think?

Positive Self-Statements. Give yourself pep talks to spark inspiration. Create self-motivating statements and use them several times each day. Try…”Studying really helps;” “I learn more when I set aside time;” and “I’ll feel better later if I study now.”

Are you kidding me?  A more realistic self-motivating statement: “If I don’t know the information, I am going to fail. Must study.”

Use “Balanced Time.” Refresh yourself with a stretch, splash cold water on your face, eat some energy food, get fresh air, or have a brief conversation with a study partner. Though you will devote more time to studying, don’t deprive yourself of everything.

Maybe it would be better to splash a little of your Dasani water on your friend’s face? That would definitely make for a more “refreshing” and comical study break.

Design a Realistic Schedule. Check off tasks when you have finished them. You should know what, where, and when you’ll be doing something at all times. Be realistic. You’re not going to study 20 hours a day, but you might be able to handle 6 to 8 hours if you pace yourself. Proficiency will be down in your other responsibilities. Some non-academic activities have to wait until after finals.

Okay, I am all about the to-do lists. Have fun checking tasks off. But if you need to study 20 hours straight, you really do not have a choice, now do you? Cram away, my friends.

Prioritize. Decide which courses need more attention. Identify your weak areas within each subject. Review these daily. Subjects in which you’re stronger won’t require as much time.

Review Previous Quizzes and Exams. Although questions may not be repeated, the underlying concepts may be. Familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions asked.That is the most brilliant advice I have ever heard. Why didn’t I think of that?

This is about the most brilliant advice I have ever heard. Why didn’t I think of that?

Stay in Good Physical Shape. Try a few minutes of general calisthenics each day. Eat sensibly. Be mindful of the effects of excessive caffeine and sugar on nervousness. Avoid non-prescription drugs and minimize your alcohol consumption. Get regular, restful sleep at night.

Eat sensibly? I think not. Eat lots of chocolate and candy and drink Jittery Joes coffee. If you have time to leave the SLC for dinner (oh wait, sorry, it’s the MLC now?), go to Baskin Robins instead, and treat yourself to a three-scoop sundae: chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream and a scoop of your choice.

Thanks Washington State for all the help… not.

My advice is to take everything one step at a time. Cram, but do take breaks. And if you can fit in a run or walk or visit to Ramsey, do it. Exercise really does make me feel better.
But more importantly, look at it this way: even if finals don’t go all that great, summer will be here before you know it…

(I know none of this is all that encouraging, but what are you reading this post for anyway? Get back to studying!)


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