Happy Mother’s Day

By: jackiereedy

May 10 2009

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So as cliché (and slightly biased) as this might sound, I really do believe I have the best mom ever. It is hard for me to describe or really define my mom because she is now so different from the woman I used to know growing up. The mom I used to know was not a businesswoman or a “want-to-prove-I-can-take-over-the-world -and-also-be-a-mother” mom. She wasn’t a soccer mom, and I wouldn’t even describe her as a “stay-at-home-June-Cleaver -overachiever.”

My mom was just cool, I guess. She wasn’t cool in the sense that she didn’t keep any rules (because she certainly did), but my mom was cool in that she used to wait up at night just in case I might feel like talking or telling her a story when I came home. Before I got my license, she used to spend hours in the car carting me to basketball practices. And even at 2 in the morning, she never complained about picking me up from a friend’s sleepover (when I unsurprisingly decided I wanted to sleep in my own bed). She always had my basketball uniform washed and ironed on game days. My mom cooked, cleaned and somehow managed to take care of my sister, my dad, our two huge Saint Bernard puppies and me. I honestly I am not sure how she did it.

The mom I know now is different. She still spoils and takes ridiculous care of my sister, my dad, the dogs and me, but she has entered a new realm of coolness. Now, I often find her at Taco Mac with my dad, partying and drinking beer and staying out late with friends. Not that she hasn’t always known how to have a good time; it is just these days, she seems to be having a good time more often.

After my dad had his “almost heart attack” (as I tend to call it) last summer, I guess some things just became less important to her, and others — like enjoying my dad’s company — got bumped up on the priority list.

More than ever though, I have come to realize how lucky I am to have such a fun, young mom. She has become a trusted friend I can turn to for advice, someone I know will say or do exactly the right thing when I am having a tough day. I find it hilarious that I sometimes find myself staying up at night for her to come home to tell me stories, but really, that just reaffirms for me what a cool and amazing mom God has given me.


One comment on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Your mom truly is WONDERFUL! I LOVED reading your post on her for mother’s day; everything you said is so true! (Well, as far as what I’ve seen and heard about her these past few years with you!) She’s always be so great to me as welll! I can’t help but smile when I’m around you and your family; they’re so great!!

    What did you end up getting her? I remember you getting like a pair of shoes last year? or maybe that was for her birthday?

    love you j reedy (you really DO have to keep your last name, no joke)

    p.s. i love reading this blog; its great!! 🙂

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