Live like no tomorrow

By: jackiereedy

May 12 2009

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I know I shouldn’t be admitting to this, but for lack of knowing something better to write about, I am going to share a somewhat uncool thing I happen do:

I start off every summer going through old memories. I look at pictures, old birthday cards, high school notes, newspaper clippings from my basketball days– I pretty much look at the crazy piles of junk under my bed and see what I can find. Why I do this, I am not exactly sure. I think I just really enjoy remembering the good times I’ve had with different people of my past. I enjoy seeing who was and who still is in my life.

Tonight when I was performing this mandatory summer kick-off ritual, I came across “Jackie and Chelsie’s Quote Book” created in 2004, the summer before our junior year of high school.

I thought I would share what Chel and I wrote on the opening page of our book:

Live life in the present.

Don’t let a minute pass you by.

Every minute of every day is precious.

Don’t take time for granted.

Take time to appreciate the little things;

they make life worthwhile.

Live like no tomorrow.

~J.C. ’04

So I’m pretty sure we just compiled/stole our favorite lyrics from Switchfoot songs, but hey– I think we had the right idea? Good words to live by…

Me & Chel Summer 2004


2 comments on “Live like no tomorrow”

  1. Y’alls childhood SCREAMS, “Make a Disney movie out of me!”

    ..I’m seeing a throwback to the Mary Kate and Ashley type movies.

  2. Haha! We have been saying that for years… just waiting for an offer :-D.

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