Garnier Antipuff Eye Roller

By: jackiereedy

May 17 2009

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I’ve never actually tattooed an ad on my body, but that is not to say I’ve never gone a little overboard in talking about a latest discovery. (Does anyone remember when I got the bug convertible? Or more importantly, the windscreen for the bug convertible? No more messy hair for me)!

I seem to become a sort-of walking advertisement for the things I love– things meaning people, places, food, objects of desire, really anything I think can be labeled “THE BEST EVER.” My voice gets higher. My eyes light up. When my hands start a-flying, I know it’s time to turn it down a notch.

But now the unfortunate embarrassment that comes with up-close-and-personal-Jackie-excitement can be avoided. I’ve decided to just blog about my discoveries!

Which I guess leaves me to tell you my first and BEST Summer Discovery EVER:

The Garnier Nutritionist Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Puff Roller

This seriously is a MAGIC GREEN WAND. My sister and mom got me hooked on to it a few months ago. Basically, when I wake up in the morning with ridiculously puffy eyes, I take the wand (which has a metal ball at its tip) and roll it under and over my eyes, applying a good bit of pressure. I keep rolling the wand until I completely “roll/smooth out” the puffiness. And whalla, I look awake!

How it works:

A serum containing caffeine and some vitamins comes out of the metal ball, giving you an immediate cooling sensation where it is applied. It comes out completely clear and just absorbs into your skin, so there is absolutely no mess.

For step by step instructions on how to use the eye roller, check out this somewhat comical YOUTUBE VIDEO. I wouldn’t take what it says too literally, but you might find it helpful. Just keep in mind that you are trying to “roll out” the bags under your eyes– the video makes it seem as though you only need to apply the eye roller gently. I use A LOT of pressure because well, I have a lot of puffiness!

ALSO IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Even when applied with the right amount of pressure, the wand does not really make dark circles go away or look less puffy. The roller literally makes the area under and over your eyes flat and smooth to touch. This means it is easier to apply concealer, which means it is easier to hide those dark circles, which means you will look more awake and more beautiful than ever!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to your local grocery store, WalMart or Walgreens to purchase one of these. It seems like a little bottle for $12.99, but I swear it lasts months! BEST KEPT SECRET EVER!


3 comments on “Garnier Antipuff Eye Roller”

  1. Ummm that sounds AWESOME. I’m getting one.

  2. I got one. Aaaaaand I love it. Thank you Jackie!! : )

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