A Year Ago Today

By: jackiereedy

May 19 2009


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Focal Length:6.33mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Woke up 7 a.m

Ate breakfast and got ready

Loaded onto the bus — took Dramamine and started to get very sleepy


  • Bought an awesome dolphin stuffed animal in the Dolphin Encounter store
  • Literally swam in the ocean with 200 WILD dolphins! It was unbelievable
  • We traveled to where the dolphins were swimming. The boat man blew the horn. We just jumped in with our snorkels and fins and started swimming with them
  • WATER WAS COLD (winter)! Wet suits were really thick and warm though
  • Hot chocolate and cookies
  • Changed into dry clothes on the boat

Learn about GreenGlobe21

  • Kaikoura is crazy cool about conservation
  • There is recycling bins in public places
  • They tax and basically make people pay for creating trash

Lunch– had awesome apricot cereal



  • Saw KELP– I am pretty much obsessed
  • Hiked up practically vertical hill
  • Picked up cool rocks
  • Met Christy– she is really cool
  • Saw a seal!
    DSC03985Me, Alex, Lisa holding kelp

    DSC03997Me, Ted, Dana, Lauren, Lisa

    DSC04000Christy, Me


Bus dropped us off in town– Lisa bought a jacket

I freaked out because I couldn’t find my credit card

Found my credit card in the lodge

Got on the internet for a full hour, checked up on e-mails


Group Discussion

Beach of shiny rocks (wine, people tell jokes)






One comment on “A Year Ago Today”

  1. This makes me SOOO happy but sad that we’re not there, all at the same time!! You were definitely obsessed with kelp; haha. I remember I made you be my photographer this day last year b/c my camera died. sad. Dolphins were AMAZING. I remember being so shocked when I jumped in initially. I didn’t know WHAT to do; they were everywhere! haha. Your stuffed dolphin was the best gift purchase the whole trip, ha. I love how “The Dolphin” still comes on other trips!!!!

    AHHH, I miss NZ and all that came with it SO SO MUCH! I’m so glad we shared the experience together!!! đŸ™‚ Love you!

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