A Year Ago Today in New Zealand

By: jackiereedy

May 27 2009

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Focal Length:6.33mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Sky Diver Man, Me

Woke up

Went to NZone for sky diving instructions

Took van to sky diving site (Lisa, me, Baker, Dana, Alex, Christy, Tyler, Daniel, Lindsey, Justin)



Went back to Queenstown and had the best burger of my entire life at FERGBURGER

Took van to bungee jumping site: the NEVIS (440 ft, 8.5 seconds of free fall)


Lisa, Me

Went back to hotel and watched sky diving and bungee jumping videos.

  • (Christy’s bungee jumping video was SO FUNNY… very long… involved crying and jumping off the Nevis pencil style)

Lonestar for dinner

Altitude Bar: techno music

World Bar: get a long awaited kiss 😀

Winnies: Lisa, Savanna, Baker, Will, me… 2 am curfew? I think not!

Hilarious pictures: “1-2-3 BE A: LION, A CAT, A SKY DIVER… YOU JUST SAW THE T.A.!”

Get a taxi back



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