Damsel in distress

By: jackiereedy

Jun 10 2009

Category: Uncategorized


What to blog about? Hmmm… Well, last night I had a pretty fantastic time celebrating an end to the test-that-must-no-longer-be-named. Good times were had by all—a hilarious dance party definitely went down, but I think I will leave those details for a more appropriate medium: girl talk later, anyone?

On a less intriguing note:

Today I got a flat tire. The bug was not feeling too hot after I rammed her into a sharp curb. I do not recommend reaching for your purse and turning the steering wheel at the same time—REALLY NOT A GOOD IDEA. I do recommend learning to change a flat tire though. Who wants to be that girl on the side of the road, not having a clue what to do? Yes, I was that girl this afternoon– not so Kelly Clarkson Miss Independent of me, huh?

I will admit though– calling Dad, AAA or the hot guy you know from down the street might not be such a bad idea. My women studies professors would disown me for suggesting the helpless card, but I mean, I’m just sayin’ the whole hot guy breaking a sweat thing… not so bad… not so bad a thing :-D!

Good luck and have a safe and wonderful week.


2 comments on “Damsel in distress”

  1. Wow, what a rough day! I’m glad you got through it though, and it seems like you’ve definitely learned a few things, haha.

    Anyhow, can we please be friends next year like we say we always will but never do?

    • Aw thanks! I feel special you read my silly thoughts.

      Um, YES PLEASE we can be friends again! We need to reunite for senior year. How crazy is it that we were white water rafting, rock climbing and kayaking what like three summers ago? Oh the days of being scared little freshmen… I would so do it all over again! Seriously, though– let’s make this happen! Looking forward to seeing you again– have a great rest of the summer 🙂

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