Accidental Texts

By: jackiereedy

Jun 12 2009

Category: Uncategorized

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How do I not realize I am texting the person I am texting about? I swear I have made this TRAGIC mistake too many times.

“OH MY GOSH– HE IS SO HOT! We just had the best convo everrrr & I acted SO COOL like I didn’t care at all! HAHA– LOVE IT!”

This does not really give Mr. Hot the chill, non-caring vibe I would hope to give. Yeah… not so much.

“SUCH A BALLER! Guess who I just talked to?!? *****! Yes! and now I am on my way to see ****. HAHA! Too funny! BALLIN!”

Again, does not really leave the best impression.


—#1) Type your message

—#2) Choose the CORRECT recipient

—#3) Press SEND with caution



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