How do you fall in love and stay in love forever?

By: jackiereedy

Jun 15 2009

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How can two people stand at an altar and swear they will love each other until “death do us part” and then just a few years later hate each other more than they have ever hated anyone? How can the person to whom she gave her deepest vow become the person she despises most?

I just finished watching the four-part series Staying In Love. Young, single and far from marriage or even a serious relationship for that matter, I was surprised to find the subject so interesting.  Andy Stanley’s message  Feelin’ It explains how stuff in us– STUFF resulting from our past and our culture in general– comes out of us when we are in a romantic relationship. Our ability to feel certain things and to stay in love is determined by the condition of ours hearts.

What’s inside of you is not coming out because of who you are with, but because it was in you to begin with. If you want to stay in love, you have to pay attention to what is in there, so that you can own it. You have to have a plan to guard your heart–a plan that begins with thinking about and identifying specific emotions and then communicating them.

Whether you are single, married or divorced, I certainly think this series is worth watching. Andy provides insight on how to not only fall in love, but also to stay in love:

Part 1– The Juno Dilemma

Part 2– Re-Modeling

Part 3– Feelin’ It

Part 4– Multiple Choice Marriage


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