Happy Happy Father’s Day

By: jackiereedy

Jun 21 2009

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I do not actually remember why Dad and I used to run around yelling “Happy Happy Joy Joy.” Maybe to express our excitement over cool purchases — the newest ultimate water gun or that awesome Nerf glow-in-the-dark football? I do remember using it to campaign for fifth grade student council: “Happy Happy Joy Joy! Vote for Jackie Reedy!” Very creative, I know.

Dad and I have always had our sayings though:

“Happy Happy Joy Joy”

“The BEST win is a COMEBACK win”

“I’d rather be lucky than good”

“You find time for the things you really want to do”

“Play like you’re the best one out there”


I laugh thinking about my nicknamed “Squeeze It” song and dancing and jumping around the house to the Commitment’s Try a Little Tenderness. I am not going to explain Dad’s stereotypical, yet completely accurate, diagnosis of short man’s disease. Let’s just say I have a height requirement now for the guys I date. (Yes, I know how awful that is).

You might say Dad and I are close. Do not be fooled though: Dad is just a “Mr. Big Loser Face,” and I just happen to answer when he calls me Spike.

Just kidding… I love you tons, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!



One comment on “Happy Happy Father’s Day”

  1. oh wow… I used to be SO into Ren & Stimpy when I was a kid. Looking back… probably the most vulgar cartoon EVER.

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