Rebuilding Georgia Theatre

By: jackiereedy

Jun 25 2009

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From Wilmot…

Thank you so much for all your support. You all have been so amazing, we are feeling your love.

Here’s what i know so far,

There is still no word on the cause of the fire or the structural integrity of the building. This is a pretty slow process and federal agents are on the case. They know it was an accident, and it started in the back right corner of the building, that’s about it for now.

All the employees are ok and everyone is thankful for the benefit shows. We have raised a month or so of payroll already. Thank you all for buying the tshirts and coming to see pgroove, the whigs, and dead confederate. More shows are being planned, stay tuned for more information about those.

As for the future of the Georgia theatre we have every intention of rebuilding. At this point we have no idea if that is possible. I believe in my heart that with enough help it can come back. The numbers are really scary. It’s going to be a long hard climb, but I think I’m up for it. If you had been to the theatre recently you know that it looked, sounded, even smelled better than ever, so we had a lot of momentum going in there. The timing of this fire couldn’t be worse,,, it just plain sucks in every way. We are setting up a system so you can donate money online to help us out. We are also working on setting up a nonprofit company to accept larger donations tax free. It’s going to take millions to build her back and we are frantically working on how to make it happen.

People always asked me why I worked all those crazy hours and put all the money back into the place, why my hair was turning grey and I was so pale. I always replied ‘because every single night we are open someone has the time of their life in here’. All of the calls, emails, facebook groups, etc. that we have received in the last few days proves that I was right. I am glad that you love the Georgia Theatre as much as I do. So stay hopeful and together we can build her back better than ever!

Wilmot (owner)

p.s. the bigass fan is still hanging,,, trippy
p.p.s. pass this around please


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