Missing NZ Again

By: jackiereedy

Jul 17 2009

Category: Uncategorized


(Photos & Video/ Baker Breedlove)
(Youtube Editing/ Baker’s friend)



2 comments on “Missing NZ Again”

  1. Jackie Reedy! It’s crazy to me how much you have grown up even since last summer!!! You look so young in these pictures–it’s the hair! love it!

    On a more important note, this is so cool!!!! Such a good job, Jackie!!! If I didn’t already feel like I knew all the stories from your storytelling and such, I DEFINITELY feel like I was there now! So amazing!!

  2. Haha! Well, I like to hear I’ve grown up :-). Funny thing is that I didn’t even notice that I look different… you’re right though– new hair!

    As for the Youtube video, I wish I could take credit for putting it together, but actually one of Baker’s friends made it for him last summer (hence inappropriate pictures I probably would not have included haha).

    I remembered the link and stole it for my blog ­čÖé

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