Suds in the Dishwasher

By: jackiereedy

Aug 22 2009

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So one of my roommates accidently put hand dishwashing liquid into the automatic dishwasher.  And for all of you June-Cleaver-Overachievers out there, you know this resulted in a kitchen floor covered in suds.

Fortunately for Rachel, I am a ditz-o-brain myself and actually made the same mistake just a few months ago — damage control is possible:

  1. Spill ordinary table salt across the suds to disperse them. (It’s a good idea to also throw in some ice cubes to get the water temperature to lower)
  2. Run the dishwasher, but stop it after a minute or so
  3. Scoop out the newly formed bubbles
  4. Add salt again and repeat the process until you are able to run the dishwasher and let it drain a full cycle.

I’ve never done this, but someone told me you can add a capful of Downy Liquid Fabric softener to the tub and then let the unit run a few seconds before selecting the drain cycle. Downy apparently breaks up the suds, allowing them to drain off.

But I highly recommend that you ask a friend for help if you have never worked a dishwasher by yourself before. There is no shame in avoiding a catastrophe. If you are forced to do the job on your own though, READ THE SOAP BOTTLE before taking action.

Best of dishwashing luck and happy weekend!



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