100 Things Before I Go

By: jackiereedy

Apr 17 2011

Category: Jackie's Thoughts


I just went through the list I posted almost a whopping two years ago. (Who knew I have been blogging that long?) Thankfully, I was able to mark a few more things off it. Yay that I am making progress… Boo that it looks like I will not be able to complete my list though… Why does this have to be your last season Oprah? Ugh!

Have fun reading.

May 19, 2009

I finally sat down to write one of these. I swear I have been meaning to do this since middle school when I first watched Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember. Do you remember her being in two places at once or getting a butterfly tattoo or being married in that beautiful church? I don’t necessarily think my goals are as heartwarming (or really as cheesy), but I guess I will let you decide that for yourself!

1. Pick strawberries in the summertime

2. Pray continuously

3. Write and publish a book

4. Learn to ski (on snow and water)

5. Learn to cook

6. Go on a helicopter ride in Hawaii

7. Shop in Italy

8. Go paragliding

9. Learn to play tennis

10. Go sky diving in New Zealand

11. Go bungee jumping in New Zealand

12. Go snorkeling in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

13. Climb a mountain

14. Hike the Grand Canyon

15. Run a Half Marathon

16. Ride a mechanical bull

17. Attend at least one major sporting event: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the U.S. Open

18. Go white water rafting with Dad

19. Swim with wild dolphins in New Zealand

20. Plant a tree

21. Volunteer as a church small group leader

22. Rock climb

23. Get into law school

24. Marry the man I love

25. Have happy and healthy children

26. Spend New Year’s Eve in an exotic location

27. Stand under a waterfall

28. Have a huge water gun fight in a house

29. Do a job I love

30. Catch a ride in a hot air balloon

31. See a koala bear in Australia

32. Go kayaking

33. Go to Universal Studios in Hollywood, Calif.

34. Be baptized

35. Have a beautiful and unforgettably fun wedding

36. Go to Disney World and Disneyland

37. Spend a week at a 5-Day-Spa

38. Ride the 10 highest roller coasters in the world

39. See a shooting star and make a wish

40. Learn to talk the right way (speech therapy here I come!)

41. Re-read the Harry Potter Series (WHEW– all 4,100 pages!)

42. Work as a photojournalist

43. Sponsor a child in Africa

44. Play in the rain

45. Drive in a convertible bug with the top down and music blaring

46. Grow a garden

47. Gamble in Las Vegas

48. Live in a colonial house (Pottery Barn-esk?) with a window seat

49. Be someone’s mentor

50. Tour Washington D.C.

51. See an opera at the Sydney Opera House (and fall asleep)

52. Read the entire Bible

53. Create my own website

54. Blow bubbles from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

55. See Mount Rushmore

56. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia

57. Set foot in all 50 of the United States

58. Go on a cruise

59. Build a Habitat for Humanity home

60. Graduate from the University of Georgia

61. Go to Mexico

62. Have my fortune told professionally

63. Work for a magazine

64. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

65. Recycle

66. Go parasailing

67. Have a star named after me (thanks high school boyfriend)

68. Own an Apple laptop

69. Own and love a dog of my own (preferably a Saint Bernard)

70. Be in good physical shape

71. Be the maid of honor in one of my best friend’s weddings

72. Visit Ground Zero

73. Publish my journals someday

74. Ride a bicycle around Rome

75. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

76. Stay in touch with college friends after graduation

77. Zip line through a canopy (in Belize)

78. Participate in a giant food fight

79. Go to the Oprah Winfrey Show

80. Ring a church bell

81. Go on a safari in Africa

82. Eat Maryland crabs again

83. Open my own ice cream shop

84. Raise money for cancer reasearch

85. Do a multi-day bike trip

86. Go to a Jason Mraz concert

87. Climb a glacier in New Zealand

88. Attend a ball

89. Buy a boat

90. Write a $100,000 check to a charity

91. Sew something

92. Ride an elephant

93. Do Mardi Gras in New Orleans (WOO– March 2011)

94. See a kangaroo in Australia

95. Go to Niagara Falls and see where Dad proposed to Mom

96. Catch a crayfish

97. Experience spring break in all its glory in Panama City Beach, Florida

98. Go to a NCAA Final Four game with Dad

99. Take a picture with Julia Roberts

100. Run to the top of the Statue of Liberty


5 comments on “100 Things Before I Go”

  1. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this list!! It made me so happy to see ones we’ve done together crossed off!!!!

    However, I think you have a few revisions you ought to make, haha!! You’ve been to Mexico!! Sb2k9!! (#61). Not quite sure why #70 isn’t marked off…. 🙂

    Also, a few that I would love to help you accomplish, asap!!… TENNIS, duh! I can so do that! (#9). I can help you do half of #4…. water skii!! Yes!! Lake this summer? And sew your dress… #91. haha.

    Okay, I will stop… I know you will get this list completed with or without my help, haha! You love your lists! You even made this known on your 21st bday!! haha.

    As always, love you.

  2. actually, I have done a few of the items on your list! I was quite surprised…my question to you is …were the items you marked off part of your list b4 you did them or were they so extremely special that in hindsight you would have had to had them on your list even if you didn’t think of them 1st…a little zen thinking necessary for this answer….

    I too hope you do them all, and knowing you, I think you will..

    • Hi Diane! Um definitely want to know which ones you have accomplished! Maybe want to go to Europe together? Mark a few things more off the list? I am so up for shopping in Italy :-D.

      I actually made my first “bucket list” on the flight to New Zealand last summer. The sky diving and all those cool things were written down in my New Zealand journal before I did them.

      As for going to Disney World and having a water gun fight in the house and going to a Final Four game with Dad, those were things I was reminiscing about and thought deserved a spot on the newly created blog list… And yes I still felt accomplished crossing them off! I’m a lucky girl– already have gotten to do some cool things in my life! Cannot wait for more adventures!!

      • hey baby

        you know, i just read your response to my response….yes, yes, yes, i will shop in italy with you…name the day and time!!!!

        while we are in italy…i will tell you those that I checked off.

        luv u baby

  3. Jackie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your list! So thoughtful and sometimes whimsical! Way to go! Keep it up…glad to have you as a mentor to our daughter!

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